What the damn thing happened to me I don’t know,I am deliberately absent to office today for some study at home.Did some study at morning ,After feeling hungry on 2PM I bought some redimate paratha from MORE ,a coke.Returned home and cooked it.At the time of cooking I eat it.
After took the coke. I felt soo sleepy May be recent psychological pressure that I am facing in career is the behind it.I decided to take break after I will do the study thing.I went to sleep around 3.30pm.

I saw a damn ,unwordly and unexplainable dream.I decided to write it here.Many time I saw this kind of dream with no meaning and letter I forget them.

I am in dream aged about 32 years working as engineer a very good SW firm may other some kind of company,but it it’s very big.After a long days of work I am tired want to do some refreshment.So I took swimming costume pack headed toward the swimming pool.I reached the place which seemed to be swimming pool which is part port large river may be the The bounderies are restricted by stainless steel pipe.I remember some days back I came to this place, I know this place but today i can’t recognize it.Some known faces are swimming so I also try to start swimming.I am looking for the entry gate of swimming pool/the river.Oh I found it.But it’s far and on a abondoned old wooden fishing boat.I can see it,but How to reach it.I realized to go there i have to leap over row of floating abandoned wooden boat which are attached to each other by ropes.The boats are going up and down according to the waves.Only wooden plates may be some of them rotten due to old age is lying betheen two boats.There are gaps between two boats.

Lets try to go there.Oh my surprise,one of the fisherman like people just crossing the boats when he is busy in brushing using “neem” twig.I can do it too then.After saving my self lots of time from falling in between the gaps between the boats i reached a place which is open place of which almost three side of the space is blocked by years of old building.It is like U.Start from boat leapver,then open place then some walking and again leap over the boats to reach the entrance.But to cross the open field you can’t use the soil path.people are not using it.There are thorn bushes there may be poisonous snakes or reptiles moving in ground.So peoples are taking the cornice of the old building to walk. [WHAT A ODD BRAIN OF MINE].The walls are alsonot free from green creeper full of spiders nets. From here I turned to 16-17 year old boy.My uncle (not my real uncle) is accompanying me. we are standing purplexed at the starting of the cornice footpath.A small girl wearing a white school dress with sky blue strips coming over the cornice.A plastic water bottle is hanging beside her.

My uncle hold me at my thigh and throw me toward the cornice.I catch it and pull my body over it.now I start walking folloing the cornice “U” bend.uff.. some spider, may be mosquito are bitting my open skin in hand and in leg.Somehow I end the journey .I reach a place where one rural man,(he is so old and black look like nigro –not in racial sense ) sitting and was doing something with one glass and a thick bambo stick.Here I had totally forgotten weer I was going or my uncle is with me.I can’t see him anywhere.

The man asked me kick the glass and break it without hurting my naked foot.The glass should break before it hit the ground.I am scared.I refuse to do so.The man do it by himself.His kick is so first that the glass break without cutting his foot .I want to learn it.Then in my dream it seemes that I done lots of regorus training happened ..[Like 365 shaolin movies..or other marshal art movie] and this part of dream ran very fast.

One day in the fine morning he ask me to break the glass.i am ready,but he told me to hold on.He placed two bamboo stick such a way that only two side of the glass is visible.I am not discouraged. I kick it breaks the glass.Then I see in the dream I am standing on black of a glass and leapping around holding it in between my feet.[Is it scientifically possible?If some one jump on glass and before breaking the glass he removes his weight from it the glass will not break?]
The last thing I saw in my dream was I am leaping too fast so that the glass is not breaking any soil pots in a market place………HEWWWWW……….

PLEASE DO NOT LOUGH…I saw it in my dream…