Suddenly feeling to take one android phone after my tab crashed and bored with my 900rupee samsung guru.Though Guru is very good but feeling calender, camera reminder video calls are very necessary for me. Doing little bit of research about the feature and performances between the HTC sensetion and Samsung Galaxy S2 .Seems like S2 is obvious winner.Though I like HTC outer look very much.The UI is also very good.I used HTC touch phone for very long time so I am very fond of HTC.But as campared by different user HTC has almost double battery life,fron cam is 2.0M ,weight is less and Samsung given S2 to hackers for making custom ROMs.Last thing is very necessary I feel .I like my own ROM don’t want to take anything,, though after sometime only I may use it , if and only if I buy S2.. Here are some good comparisons between the smart phones.

HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S II

HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S2