I became confused about the utilization of procfs and sysfs.Which one will be used in which place? What I understand as below.

Procfs is much more generic interface to provide information to user space.All the process related information and some parameters are also passed to user space through profs file system,

Whereas Sysfs is much more modern implementation like procfs.But it is implemented by following Linux driver model and hierarchy.Sysfs stores driver,device information alongside of process information too.As Greg KH told “sysfs is “1 value per file”” . so can be used for full user level driver implementation.

Sysfs can do all the work like procfs ,they normally not used as information interface of process.Procfs will be there holding the process in formations.

Update 23/10/2013: Sysfs is extensively used by udev. Whenever any sysfs file node is created udev get event and creates device files according to major and minor no it revived.I’ll discuss it in detail in some later post.