Today I made a PIR sensor for toilet. Used ready made modules instead of Circuit designing as wanted it early and easy to make.

I always forget to shutdown Toilet light and fans. To save electricity I made couple of it later. Costed me around INR 250/- each.

following is the schematic I mase for connecting modules


PIR module

  • SR 501 (PIR sensor module)
  • Relay module
  • 5v power supply (pcb module)
  • Small plastic box (white)

Making of The PIR switch IMG 20210903 192623 768x574 IMG 20210903 192626 766x1024 IMG 20210903 191814 1 766x1024 IMG 20210903 192623 3 766x1024 IMG 20210903 193738 2 766x1024 IMG 20211024 221324 768x646

Note: Re trigger setting jumper mode selected on pir. Adjusted delay on sensor to 10 sec, Set sensitivity as per your environment.

Additional LDR can be added on PIR sensor module for parallel light sensing based Movement detection and switching control.